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Видавництво: Marvel
Палітурка: Скоба
Мова: Англійська
Кількість сторінок: 32c
Жанр: Періодика, Пригоди, Супергероїка
Ілюстраціі: Кольорові 

  "Underlying Currents" Part 2 of 6. Guest-starring Stingray. Script by Fabian Nicieza. Pencils by Paul Ryan. Inks by Tom Palmer. Cover by Paul Ryan and Tom Palmer. In the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, the international slugfest between the Avengers and the People's Protectorate is interrupted by the Army of Atlantis! Tyrak, Okra, and Merrano lead the charge to expel the super-heroes from their home waters! Will the American and Russian warriors team up to take down the hordes of Atlantis? Meanwhile during the underwater clash, the Waterwind slips away to Newfoundland (with Stingray onboard as a stowaway)! When the submarine surfaces in Conception Bay, the Russian terrorists are ready for war…nuclear war! Cameo appearance by Alpha Flight. Second Story: "Changing of the Guard" Part 2 of 7. Script by Mark Gruenwald. Pencils by James Fry. Inks by Keith Williams. While outfitting the Avenger's new headquarters, Michael O'Brien is disturbed by an apparition of his deceased brother Kevin. Are ghosts walking the halls of Avengers HQ? (Notes: Kevin O'Brien, the original Guardsman, died in the classic Iron Man (1st series) 46. This issue includes a full-page ad for the 1990 Spider-Man annuals featuring Spidey's Totally Tiny Adventure. The Avengers series is bi-monthly for the next five issues.)

Avengers #320 (1st series)



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