Batwing. The Lost Kingdom. Vol.1 TP (The NEW 52)

Автор: Джид Вінік (Judd Winick)

Ілюстратор: Бен Олівер (Ben Oliver)

Видавництво: DC Comics

Переплетення: М’яка 

Мова: Англійська 

Кількість сторінок: 144c

Формат: 170x260мм

Жанр: Пригоди, Супергероїка 

Ілюстрації: Кольорові 

Містить: Batwing #1-6

Cover price: $14.99

Опис:  "A Dark Knight Over Africa"

  When young David Zavimbe is suddenly orphaned, he is scooped up and drafted into General Keita's Army of the Dawn. Thanks to his incredible speed and alarming ability to kill, Zavimbe finds himself promoted to the general's ranks of elite men. But the life of a soldier isn't for David - after breaking free from the warlord's constraints, he is paid a visit by the Batman himself, acting on behalf of Bruce Wayne to construct Batman, Incorporated, an initiative to place Batman-like figures across the world. David is inducted as the newest member of the team, and thus, Batwing is born.

  A natural officer of the law, Batwing investigates gruesome crime scenes and thwarts chaos and corruption. Capable of flight, his Batsuit is also armored and fitted with a number of state-of-the-art gadgets. While seemingly indestructible, Batwing soon meets his match in Massacre, a brutal new villain who leads Batwing on his most daunting case...the executions of heroes from the legendary and mysterious crime-fighting crew known as The Kingdom!

Batwing. The Lost Kingdom. Vol.1 TP (The NEW 52)



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