StormWatch #10

Видавництво: Image
Палітурка: Скоба
Мова: Англійська
Кількість сторінок: 32c
Жанр: Періодика, Пригоди, Супергероїка
Ілюстраціі: Кольорові 

Story by Ron Marz. Art by Dwayne Turner. This story picks up after the events of StormWatch #25 (see NOTE). Battalion has seen the future. He has seen friends fallen and knows that he himself is destined to die in the near future. How can a man go on knowing the dark future he has in store? Meanwhile, Talos, a member of the dangerous Warguard has escaped and it's up to StormWatch to stop him. Includes a pin-up of StormWatch by Dan Norton and Chuck Gibson. 32 pages, FC. NOTE: Yes, that's correct. A mysterious stranger arrives in the present to take Battalion into the near future to help against an adversary no one else can stop. StormWatch #25 is part of Image Comics Image of Tomorrow event. Here the Image titles jumped several issues into the future to show the readers a glimpse of where the titles are heading. After StormWatch #9, the series jumped ahead to #25 then the following month picked up with #10.

StormWatch #10



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