Sensational Spider-Man #4

Видавництво: Marvel
Палітурка: Скоба
Мова: Англійська
Кількість сторінок: 32c
Жанр: Періодика, Пригоди, Супергероїка
Ілюстраціі: Кольорові 

  "Shooting Spider-Man" Blood Brothers Part 1 of 6. Script by Dan Jurgens. Pencils by Dan Jurgens. Inks by Klaus Janson. Cover by Dan Jurgens and Klaus Janson. While walking down the street with Jessica Carradine, Ben Reilly hears a robbery in progress at a nearby jewelry store! When Ben rushes off to change into his costume, Jessica rushes toward the scene with her camera! In just a few minutes, the web-slinger stops the robbery and saves everyone inside! Great job Spidey! But in a careless moment afterwards, Ben changes back into his clothes just one block over...and still in range of Jessica's telephoto lens! Oh no! Add one more thing to the wall-crawler's list of troubles! Story continues in Amazing Spider-Man 411. Cameo appearances by Peter Parker, J. Jonah Jameson, and Joe Robertson. Flashback cameos by Uncle Ben and the Burglar. (Note: This issue was reprinted in 2012 in the trade paperback: Amazing Spider-Man The Complete Ben Reilly Epic #4.)

Sensational Spider-Man #4



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